At 10:23 this morning, an email was received that explosives were inside all of our schools. Upon receipt of this email local law enforcement was contacted, as they had been dealing with a threat that was emailed to Pioneer Regional School Corporation earlier this morning in which nothing was found. Local law enforcement contacted the FBI. Upon reviewing the email which was sent to multiple schools and municipalities from the Indiana/Michigan border all the way to the Indiana/Kentucky border, it was not viewed as a credible threat. Our safety procedures are being followed and we are being diligent in monitoring the situation. As a precaution our SROs and LCSC staff conducted searches in all of the buildings. Based on the information from the FBI, local law enforcement and the searches, we made the determination that all students and staff were safe in our buildings. All threats to our schools are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. We wanted to make sure that you have the facts so that you can discuss them with your child and emphasize the seriousness of this issue. The investigation is ongoing and as we continue to monitor the situation we will share information as necessary. Thank you! A las 10:23 de esta mañana, se recibió un correo electrónico informando que había explosivos dentro de todas nuestras escuelas. Al recibir este correo electrónico se contactó a la policía local, ya que habían estado lidiando con una amenaza que fue enviado por correo electrónico a la Corporación Escolar de Pioneer Regional esta mañana, ahí no se encontró nada. La policía local se puso en contacto con el FBI. Al revisar el correo electrónico que se envió a varias escuelas y municipios desde la frontera entre Indiana y Michigan hasta la frontera entre Indiana y Kentucky, esta amenaza no se considera una amenaza creíble. Sin embargo, continuamos con nuestros procedimientos de seguridad y estamos siendo diligentes y monitoreando la situación. Como precaución, nuestro personal de SRO y LCSC realizó búsquedas en todos los edificios. Respecto a la información del FBI, las autoridades locales y las búsquedas, tomamos la determinación de que todos los estudiantes y el personal estan seguros en nuestros edificios. Todas las amenazas a nuestras escuelas han sido tomadas seriamente e investigadas a fondo. Queríamos asegurarnos de que tenga todos los datos para que pueda compartirlos con su hijo y enfatizar la gravedad de este tema. La investigación está en curso y mientras continuamos monitoreando la situación, compartiremos la información según sea necesario. ¡Gracias! ​
6 months ago, Matt Jones
In an impressive display of skill and determination at the NCC (North Central Conference) swimming and diving tournament, senior athlete Jake Fincher once again proved his prowess in the pool. Throughout the weekend, he etched his name into the LHS record books, setting two new records and now has a total of five swimming records to his name. He showcased his speed and versatility by setting records in both the 100 freestyle and the 200 individual medley (IM) events. In addition, he set the NCC record in the 100 fly.
6 months ago, Logansport High School
Save the date for prom!
7 months ago, Logansport High School
2nd Semester Lunch Assignments
7 months ago, Matt Jones
Finals are over! A huge thank you to our students and staff for your hard work this semester. Wishing you all a restful and joyful winter break. See you in the new year on January 4, 2024!
7 months ago, Matt Jones
Jake did it again- Two records in two meets! Congratulations, Jake Fincher!
7 months ago, Logansport High School
Jake Fincher made waves in the pool, shattering the longstanding 200 Freestyle record at LHS that had remained untouched since 1991. Surpassing J.J. Brandstatter's record by nearly a full second, Fincher demonstrated his remarkable prowess with a new record-setting time of 1:48.28, eclipsing the former mark of 1:49.16. This achievement marks the second record that Fincher has broken in just two years. His first record-setting performance was in the 100 Butterfly, where he soared to victory with a swift time of 52.53 seconds.
7 months ago, Logansport High School
Jake Fincher
Congratulations to senior Aryan Patel, honored as the Cass County Community Foundation Lilly Endowment Community Scholar! 🌟👏🏻👏🏻 #GoBerries 🔴⚫️🍓 #LillyScholar
7 months ago, Matt Jones
Attention all 8th Graders and Parents: Join us for the 8th Grade Transition Night on Wednesday, January 10, 2024 at 6 pm. Go, Class of 2028!
8 months ago, Matt Jones
🦃Wishing our Berries a joyous Thanksgiving break! 🍂
8 months ago, Matt Jones
Thank you
🦃👏 Congratulations to Mr. Looker and Mr. Grenard for winning the Sub Debs Turkey Leg Challenge and supporting Riley Children's Hospital with over $275. Well done, gentlemen!🏆🍗
8 months ago, Matt Jones
Join us in honoring our veterans! 🎥 Tune in live to the Veterans Day program online at Let's come together as a school community to express our gratitude. #Thankyou
8 months ago, Matt Jones
Congratulations, Mr. Pearcy! Your honor is truly well-deserved. Thank you for your dedication to the Magpie and journalism at Logansport High School.🌟📰🎉 👏🏻👏🏻🔴⚫️🍓
8 months ago, Logansport High School
🏆🌍 Congratulations to LHS Chinese teacher, Mrs. Chunmei Guan, who was named the 2023 IFLTA Teacher of the Year! Your dedication to teaching Chinese language and culture at our high school is inspiring. Thank you for shaping future global citizens! 🎉👏
8 months ago, Logansport High School
Nov. 10 at 1pm
9 months ago, Matt Jones
Fall Break Oct. 16-20
9 months ago, Matt Jones
Fall Break
Attendance Information for Semester I Final Exams Here are some important reminders about attendance during final exams. Please pay special attention to when a parent or guardian should call in for their student and when it is not required. Exams begin on Thursday during 7th period Friday - Tuesday are half days with exams beginning at 8:35am. Bag lunch available in the cafeteria at 12:17PM There will be NO bus transportation provided until the normal 3:25PM. Students who remain on campus due to no ride will be supervised in a study hall. Please review the following charts to determine if a call is needed to Attendance. There will be no passes for early dismissals, Friday - Tuesday. There is only one dismissal time: Friday - Tuesday - 10:23am between the two final exams. My student(s) ... Call Attendance? Will not be coming in for their morning study hall, peer tutoring, student helper, final was completed via essay/project, or for any other reason. YES If a student... Then... Has a parent call to leave school, The student will go to the Main Office to sign out. Is missing the first final period and coming in for a later final, The student will have to sign in at the Main Office before 10:23am. If a student... Then... Is leaving at 10:23pm on Friday/Monday/ Tuesday because of will not be coming in for their morning study hall, peer tutoring, student helper, The student will sign out at the Main Office- no pass will be sent. If you already know that your student will be missing a period that requires a phone call, please call at any time on our 24-hour attendance line at 574-753-0441, ext. 20509; there is no need to wait until the day of the absence. As a reminder, final exams may not be given early. If you have further questions about the attendance procedures, please get in touch with the Attendance office at 574-753-0441, ext. 20509.
9 months ago, Matt Jones
PSAT Update: Due to a state-wide testing delay this morning, students will be dismissed approximately at 12:15, and extended time will be released at 1:30.
9 months ago, Logansport High School
Logansport High School has the very first mascot in the state of Indiana. Learn about the history of Felix, how the cartoon character became the school mascot, the process of becoming Felix, and what it’s like to perform in the costume. Gretchen Prifogle, Multimedia Editor Watch the YouTube-
10 months ago, Logansport High School