On Monday, July 13, Workplace Coordinator Jeff Canady presented a school reopening plan to the LCSC Board of Directors. This was a no action meeting, meaning the school reopening plan was presented for informational purposes and board member and public input. After releasing the proposed plans, community members had many questions stemming from remote learning options to food services. We've put together frequently asked questions and answered the questions based on where we are now as a school corporation. You can view the FAQ page here: https://bit.ly/3h2W8u7

We encourage parents and community members to read about our safety measures and plans. It is important to remember this information is extremely fluid. Information changes on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis. We anticipate multiple changes to our school reopening plans. Reopening plans will be approved at our next board meeting on Monday, July 27.

Our Back to School Task Force, consisting of parents, educators, administrators, and local business partners, are working closely with our local health department, the teachers union, and the department of education to develop a safe reopening plan.

If you have questions or concerns, please direct them to the LCSC Administration Building by calling 574-722-2911.