Logansport Community School Corporation Health and Wellness 

At Logansport Community School Corporation we are dedicated to providing our students and staff with the tools to live a healthy lifestyle. On our health and wellness page, you can find information about our nursing staff, locate health-related documents, and read our newsletter to find tips on becoming a healthier you! 


                             Cass county health department junior shot clinic 

The Cass County Health Department is hosting a shot clinc at Logansport High School on January 23. Students who fall under one of the following criteria will be immunized at school:

1. Have Medicaid 

2. Have no health insurance 

3. Have health insurance that does not cover vaccines 

Please fill out the vaccine consent form for your student. The consent form is available in both English and Spanish

Once finished, email to your students nurse. Nurse information can be found at the bottom of this page. 

January Newsletter 

Some schools in our corporation are experiencing a significant increase in influenza and there is a reasonable expectation that it could spread to other schools. Here are a few things you can do to help prevent the spread of influenza:

-Wash hands often
-Use hand-sanitizer
-Limit or avoid contact with sick individuals
-Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
-Cover your nose when you sneeze
-Wash backpacks and coats frequently during flu season

Remember, if your student has been sick and running a fever, keep your student home until they have been fever-free, without medication, for 24 hours. If you have any questions, please contact your student's school nurse.


Flu vs. Cold Symptoms  - Understanding your symptoms 

The Vaccine War (video)

Required School Immunizations (English) - For parents and students to understand the state requirements for immunizations

Required School Immunizations (Spanish) - Para que los padres y estudiantes comprendan los requisitos estatales sobre las vacunas

Allergy-Anaphylaxis Care Plan - For anyone with food allergies or restrictions

Seizure Care Plan 

Medication Permission Form 

Release of Medical Information

Dietary Accommodation Form - For students who have special dietary needs 

Get to know your nurse! 

Kathy Rozzi, MSN, RN
LCSC Lead Nurse
Logansport High School Nurse
P: 574-753-0441 ext. 20511
F: 574-722-2940
E: rozzik@lcsc.k12.in.us
Angel Hopper, LPN
Logansport High School Nurse
P: 574-753-0441 ext. 20512
F: 574-722-2940
E: hoppera@lcsc.k12.in.us
Lyndsey Rozzi, ASN, RN
Logansport Junior High School Nurse
P: 574-753-7115 ext. 30511
F: 574-732-0318
E: rozzily@lcsc.k12.in.us 
Lorraine Shafer, ASN, RN
Columbia 6th Grade Academy School Nurse
P: 574-753-3797 ext. 40511
F: 574-753-6159
E: shaferl@lcsc.k12.in.us
Amy Craven, ASN, RN
Landis Elementary School Nurse
P: 574-722-5466 ext. 50511
F: 574-753-5513
E: cravena@lcsc.k12.in.us 
Lindsay Berry, BSN, RN
Landis Elementary School Nurse
P: 574-722-5466 ext. 50512
F: 574-753-5513
E: berryl@lcsc.k12.in.us
Shantel Cuppy, ASN, RN
Franklin Elementary School Nurse
P: 574-722-3200 ext. 70511
F: 574-722-1172
E: cuppys@lcsc.k12.in.us 
Leigh Ann Hershberger, BSN, RN
Columbia Elementary School Nurse
P: 574-753-3432 ext. 60511
F: 574-753-6072
E: hershbergerl@lcsc.k12.in.us
Laura Vietti, BSN, RN
Fairview Elementary School Nurse
P: 574-722-5288 ext. 80511
F: 574-753-6318
E: viettil@lcsc.k12.in.us
Diana Mordenti, Health Assistant 
Fairview Elementary School Health Asst.
P: 574-722-5288 ext. 80512
F: 574-753-6318
E: mordentid@lcsc.k12.in.us