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At Logansport Community School Corporation we are dedicated to providing our students and staff with the tools to live a healthy lifestyle. On our health and wellness page, you can find information about our nursing staff, locate health-related documents, and read our newsletter to find tips on becoming a healthier you! 





New Immunization Requirements for Students (English)

New Immunization Requirements for Students (Spanish)


All students must be complete on their Hepatitis A vaccinations by August in order to enroll in school. Hepatitis A is a series of two vaccinations spaced six months apart. If your student is not complete on their vaccinations by the start of the 2020-2021 school year, they will not be able to attend until those vaccinations are complete. Walgreens is available on a walk-in basis and accepts MD Wise and Walmart accepts Medicaid. 

January Newsletter 

Some schools in our corporation are experiencing a significant increase in influenza and there is a reasonable expectation that it could spread to other schools. Here are a few things you can do to help prevent the spread of influenza:

-Wash hands often
-Use hand-sanitizer
-Limit or avoid contact with sick individuals
-Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
-Cover your nose when you sneeze
-Wash backpacks and coats frequently during flu season

Remember, if your student has been sick and running a fever, keep your student home until they have been fever-free, without medication, for 24 hours. If you have any questions, please contact your student's school nurse.


Flu vs. Cold Symptoms  - Understanding your symptoms 

The Vaccine War (video)

Allergy-Anaphylaxis Care Plan - For anyone with food allergies or restrictions

Seizure Care Plan 

Medication Permission Form 

Release of Medical Information

Dietary Accommodation Form - For students who have special dietary needs 

Get to know your nurse! 

Kathy Rozzi, MSN, RN
LCSC Lead Nurse
Logansport High School Nurse
P: 574-753-0441 ext. 20511
F: 574-722-2940
E: rozzik@lcsc.k12.in.us
Angel Hopper, LPN
Logansport High School Nurse
P: 574-753-0441 ext. 20512
F: 574-722-2940
E: hoppera@lcsc.k12.in.us
Lyndsey Rozzi, ASN, RN
Logansport Junior High School Nurse
P: 574-753-7115 ext. 30511
F: 574-732-0318
E: rozzily@lcsc.k12.in.us 
Lorraine Shafer, ASN, RN
Columbia 6th Grade Academy School Nurse
P: 574-753-3797 ext. 40511
F: 574-753-6159
E: shaferl@lcsc.k12.in.us
Amy Craven, ASN, RN
Landis Elementary School Nurse
P: 574-722-5466 ext. 50511
F: 574-753-5513
E: cravena@lcsc.k12.in.us 
Lindsay Berry, BSN, RN
Landis Elementary School Nurse
P: 574-722-5466 ext. 50512
F: 574-753-5513
E: berryl@lcsc.k12.in.us
Shantel Cuppy, ASN, RN
Franklin Elementary School Nurse
P: 574-722-3200 ext. 70511
F: 574-722-1172
E: cuppys@lcsc.k12.in.us 
Leigh Ann Hershberger, BSN, RN
Columbia Elementary School Nurse
P: 574-753-3432 ext. 60511
F: 574-753-6072
E: leighannhershberger@lcsc.k12.in.us
Laura Vietti, BSN, RN
Fairview Elementary School Nurse
P: 574-722-5288 ext. 80511
F: 574-753-6318
E: viettil@lcsc.k12.in.us
Diana Mordenti, Health Assistant 
Fairview Elementary School Health Asst.
P: 574-722-5288 ext. 80512
F: 574-753-6318
E: mordentid@lcsc.k12.in.us