Established: 1871
Enrollment: 1239
Grades: 9-12
School/Facility Colors: Red & Black
Song: Logansport High School Fight Song
Mascot: Felix, established in 1926 and oldest in the state of Indiana
Nickname: Berries
Yearbook: Tattler, established 1907
Newspaper: The Magpie, established 1920
Principal: Matt Jones (since 2011)
Conference: North Central, Charter member in 1926
North Central Accreditation (NCA)/AdvancED: Charter Member, 1908

Other Facts
LHS joined the IHSAA in 1908
First school newspaper was called "The Echo in 1895 and later the "Red and Black" from 1905-1920
National Honor Society (NHS) began in 1935 by then principal, Baird F. Cox
Joined the National Forensic League (NFL) in 1937
October 23, 1935, famous aviator Amelia Earhart gave a talk on "Aviation Adventures" in the Berry Bowl.

The Key Club of Logansport High School was the first Key Club organized and chartered in the state of Indiana. The club was established on September 17, 1946.