Dean of Students

Mr. Joe Ness ext: 24123

Attendance Officer 

Mr. Pat Skaggs ext: 24122

School Resource Officer (SRO)

Officer Eric Binney (Logansport Police Department) ext: 20510

Dean/Attendance Secretary

Miss Christian Madson ext: 20509

Verification of student absences is the responsibility of the parents (IC 20-8.1-3). Parents/guardians are requested to call the Dean’s Office at 753-0441. ext. 20509 by 9:30 A.M. if a student will be absent, tardy, or plans to leave school for an appointment. Parents/guardians who are unable to call on the day of the absence MUST call the Dean’s Office by 8:30 A.M of the following school day or it will result in an unverified/unexcused absence. All doctors’ and/or medical excuses are to be turned in to the Dean’s Office immediately upon the student’s return to class. Failure to provide doctors’ and/or medical excuses shall result in an unexcused absence.