Helping Hands

I am a part of Mr.Lange's Entrepreneurship Class at the Century Career Center. While working on our digital citizenship in class, we decided that we want to do something for our community. This is when we came up with the idea to help single mothers by providing diaper bags full of supplies to help them get started on their parenting journey. We saw a problem in the community with single parents struggling, and we believe we can help! However, we can't do this alone! We would love your support in helping this amazing cause. I will provide our GoFundMe link (a physical link and QR code to the site) where we have more information along with a picture of what the bag will consist of. We are also selling donuts, cookies, Gatorade, Caprisuns, and water along with flavoring packets for them down in the Career Center entrance off of the Skybridge. 

Thank you so much!
Mr. Lange's First Period Entrepreneurship Class