Scholarship Information

Scholarship Information Page

Below is a list of current local scholarship that senior students can apply for.
The list below gives you the deadline for the scholarship and the link to the left will
allow you to access and print the application. 

Current Scholarships

Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship --- Due 11/30/2018
Comcast Leaders & Achievers Scholarship --- Due 12/7/2018
OppU Achievers Scholarship --- Due 12/31/2018
Knights of Pythias Scholarship --- Due 1/25/2019
Indiana Association of Educational Office Professionals (IAEOP) --- Due 2/10/2019 
Roy L. Crume Scholarship --- Due 3/1/2019
R.A.C.I Scholarship --- Due 3/1/2019
Mid-North Indiana Executive Committee for Christ --- Due 3/1/2019