Lilly Scholars

Annually, a Cass County high school senior has the opportunity to receive a full, four-year scholarship as the Cass County Community Foundation Lilly Endowment Community Scholar. The student receives not only full tuition to the Indiana college of his or her choice but also a $900 stipend each year for required books and equipment. 20 LHS Students have won this prestigious scholarship.


1999     Katherine Rogers

2001     Elizabeth Murray

             Laura J. Hemming

2002     John Dale Beety

             Brian Dunkle

             Shannon Starr

2003     Maria Perrone

2004     Audrey Miller

2005     Patrick Brown

             Dominic Vernon

2006    Mishayla Binkerd

2008    Natasha Bergstedt

            Jacob Weinstein

2009    Karah Crockett

2010   Sarah Cahalan

           Susannah Cox

2011   Kyle Overway

2013   Jake Hawes

2014   Lari Rutschmann
2017   Cassia Scagnoli